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  • beth enright says:

    Love the staff, very welcoming. Dr. Kelly is awesome. I was a scared e cat, but not any more, he really does his best at making you feel at ease. I have a mouth full of crowns, I was able to eat after the numbness wore off. They have been perfect, no high spots, and they look good too. Thank you for caring Dr. Kelly, and thank you to the staff, its a great atmosphere..He will help you to achieve the look you want…….Sincerely, Beth Enright

  • Dean Liming says:

    Nice and Good Dentist.

  • T.Gantner says:

    Our family loves Dr. Kelly and his staff, they are the best!!!

  • Jeannie Sargent says:

    Our family has gone to Dr Kelly for 20 plus years. Highly recommend his office.

  • michael obert says:

    I had not gone to a dentist in years. Did not want the pain. Am so glad I tried Dr. Kelly. There was never an issue of pain. Could not believe it. Recommend him highly. His staff is very good and of high standing. Take the chance as I did. You won’t be dissappointed.

  • Connie Miller says:

    I love Dr Kelly and his team. I have been seeing them for a number of years. Great staff!

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Beth for your kind remarks! I still remember how fearful you were, but now no problems! That treatment will last you a long time. I’ll see you soon at your next cleaning appointment.

    Dr. Kelly

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Dean! I’ll see you soon for your treatment

    Dr. Kelly

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Jeannie! Yes, it will be 22 years July 1st. I’ve watched Sarah grow up…. Way TOO Fast!

    Dr. Kelly

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks! You an family have been great patients for many years! See you later this Summer for your cleaning.

    Dr. Kelly

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Michael! Tell Betty we said Hello.

    Dr. Kelly

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Connie! I’ve been here almost 22 years and you and Christopher have been here most of them. Tell him I said Hello!

    Dr. Kelly

  • Donna Whittredge says:

    I love the way my children are treated
    at Dr. Kelly’s office. Very kid friendly.

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Donna. I think it is very important that kids have a Great experience at the dentist. Then they will not fear the dentist and have a lifetime of good dental care. I often hear the adults wish that they would have had a good start at a young age.

  • Sharon Carver says:

    Hubby and I love the team at Dr. Kelly’s. Wish you many more years of service, to the community.

  • sue harmon says:

    Have been going to Dr Kelly for at least 20 years.
    No pain
    He is very caring.
    They get you in at your appointed time,which is very important to me.
    He guarantees his work-also very important to me.

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thanks Sharon for your kind remarks! Tell Dale we said Hello.

  • Dr. Kelly says:

    Thank You Sue! That is all correct….I’ve been here 22 years now…… we don’t leave patients waiting. I value your time, so it is important for me to see you on time…..and it is correct that ALL of my work includes a guarantee!!!

  • UNKNOWN says:


    GO EVA!



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